Louis Boles
Louis boles
Name Louis Boles
Full name Louis Pierre-Simon Boles
Sex Male
Born March 18, 1921
Dead October 3, 1903
Functions Politician
Minister of Agriculture
Languages English, French, Dutch
Religious stance Roman Catholic

Louis Pierre-Simon Boles (March 18, 1821 - October 3, 1903) was a French politician, diplomat and businessman who was active in New Canada and France.


He was born on March 18 in 1821 in Paris, the capital of France. He worked as banker and businessman in Paris but also in Brussels and London for a couple of years. He owned his own company, named Boles Farming Company, which was a large agricultural farming company. He and is son sold a large house but in 1874, Boles moved to Jamestown, the capital of New Canada. He was appointed as Minister of Agriculture in the Bowie I Government from 1874 to 1878. He moved back to Paris in 1879 were he worked again in his company.

In 1899, when he moved again to New Canada, he was a diplomat and the most important person in the relationship between France and New Canada on that moment. He organized many important things and was appointed official as diplomat of France in New Canada in 1901 but he died on October 3 in 1903.