Ian Bowie
Ian bowie
Name Ian Bowie
Full name Ian Cameron Bowie
Sex Male
Born November 7, 1822
Dead July 4, 1901
Functions Politician
Prime Minister
Minister of Trade and Economy
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Languages English, French, Latin, Greek, German, Scottish
Religious stance Protestant

Ian Cameron Bowie (November 7, 1822 - July 4, 1901) was a New Canadian politician of Scottish descent. Bowie was the first Prime Minister of New Canada, from 1874 to 1886. He was the longest serving Prime Minister.


Bowie was born on November 7, 1822 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was the second son of Mr. and Mrs. Boyd whose given names aren't known. He goes to school and studied Greek and Latin. After his school carreer, he learned French and German.

New CanadaEdit

He was one of the first inhabitants of New Canada. He moved with 34 other Scottish and English people to the southern coast of the island were they built the town Jamestown which is the current capital of New Canada. He was the 'founder' of Jamestown.

In 1874, when around 400 people lived in Jamestown, he was appointed as first Prime Minister. He organized the 1874 Government Elections and was leader of the Bowie I Government, II and III. In 1878, he was again elected as Prime Minister and in 1882 also but he did not attend the next Government Elections in 1886. Bowie was an independent politician. He has also other functions like Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Trade and Economy in his own Bowie Governments.

Bowie died in 1901 on July 4. He was buried in Jamestown. He's still one of the most important persons in the New Canadian history. The Bowie House in Jamestown is named after him.