Andrew Cooper
Andrew cooper
Name Andrew Cooper
Full name Andrew Russell Cooper
Sex Male
Born November 4, 1826
Dead January 8, 1913
Functions Politician
Minister of Energy and Development
Minister of Health
Languages English
Religious stance Anglican

Andrew Russell Cooper (November 4, 1826 - January 8, 1913) was an English born New Canadian politician, farmer and businessman.


Cooper was born on November 4 in 1826 in Plymouth, England were he grew up as fourth child of Russell Cooper and his American wife, Anna Lloyd. They died both in 1834 when Andrew was eight years old. The five children of Cooper and Lloyd were all seperate collected by family. Andrew goes to his aunt, Nicole Grambini. He don't studied and worked in a factory when he was eighteen.

When he was older, Cooper married and has four children. His wife died in 1853 and his daughter and son died also in 1858 and 1861. His other daughters moved later to a orphanage. Cooper lost his home and family and has no more money.

New EnglandEdit

In 1873, he sold a cheap ticket for a boat who sailed to Jamestown, the capital of New Canada. He sold a house and started his own small company. He has sheeps, horses, cows, pigs and other animals which he sold to other farmers. In the same year, he has a large company and was a succesfull businessman. In 1874, he was appointed to Minister of Energy and Development and a week later also as Minister of Health but Cooper knew nothing about politics. In 1878, his function as Minister expired.